Aiste is a freelance  illustrator based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Aiste was born in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1981. She studied graphic design at the College of Design in Vilnius

and later she got bachelor‘s degree of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Arts in Vilnius.


2011   “Illustra Teatro“, Vicenza, Italia
2011   “The Town“, personal exhibition,“Akademija“ gallery , Vilnius, Lithuania
2010   “Cells“, groop project, Vilnius Art Academy, Vilnius, Lithuania
2010   “The Sale Shop“, groop project, “Kaire-Desine“ gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
2009   “Young painter prize 2009”, Pamenkalnio gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
2006   “Francisco Mantecón”, 2nd prize winner in runner up category, Vigo, Spain



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